H2o | eurojerk

Real Name: Chris

Age: 22

Job: Comcast Retail Sales Rep.

Something about yourself: Im 6ft tall 18X lbs and loads of fun, Love long walks on the bea....oh wait, um....I'm a gamer when life doesnt get in the way, I went to school for graphic/multimedia design and I love working on my car hanging out with friends and dancing.

Favorite game: Play the most CS:S, Loved playing original Halo for xbox, all my friends were into it and we would system link for days to practice for tournaments. But I loved my Gun Star Heros for Genisis.

Favorite site to visit: I'm on 47R and Bimmerforums.com a lot for my car and meeting up wit the local bmw scene, but wouldn't say I have a favorite one.

Hobby: My bmw, Gaming, Dancing and Girls?

Favorite Food: So many, probably just a backyard BBQ burger.

Favorite song: So much good music in my life being a dancer, right now its Wings-macklemore / Dance (ass) - Big Sean.