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Like a few nerds here, I am very much in love with the Gundam universes. However, building GunPla is a particular hobby. There is a short cartoon-commercial mini-series that Bandai produced in connection with Sunrise-Sotsu to sell more Gundam models and to get kids started. I've posted the vids here.

[video=youtube_share;YdGpz4S8quk][/video] Part A
[video=youtube_share;SuWwyi_QGZI][/video] Part B
[video=youtube_share;2FCye4QZkmA][/video] Part C
Dang pretty good mini series haha. I was into GunPla when I was growing up too. I mainly had Gundam Wing/Endless Waltz Models and a couple of Gundam X models.


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Gundam wing was so good. Have you guys heard of this newer series? Gundam Uniforn? Absolutely incredible.. comes out with 3 episodes per 6 months. so they only release them twice a year.



The 47 Ronin
I love the gundam series even as a little kid :D

I watch Gundam(the original), Zeta, ZZ, Seed, Destiny, Wing, Waltz, 00 (both season), and right now Unicorn :p

I have couple models mostly the new cheap HG and MG

I regret not going to Japan to see the giant gundam they built :(
I've seen Unicorn also. I agree, it is really good. I've said it already in the cartoon tread. I'm a really big anime/manga fan. Gundam being one of my all time favorites.

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There's still the Torso bust in Shizuoka. They WERE attempting to build Char's Zaku 1:1 scale in another town where the gunpla factories are located.

One of my Japanese co-workers back when I worked for Hitachi brought these beautiful pictures from Odaiba of the 1:1 RX-78-2 and a short video in the night. I almost creamed.

Universal Century 0079 - as campy as that is, it remains my favorite b/c it set the best story line even though some of it was over the top. Who ever wants to discuss Minovsky particles with me, I'm happy to do so.

Stardust Memories (0083) - My favorite mobile suit of all time was the Gundam Physalis (big ol shield + nuke cannon), also my favorite mobile armor here Gundam GP-03 with Stamen & Orchis. Chase down invasion fleet and wipe it out in a single swat=WIN.

War in a Pocket = Wasn't a big fan of this, but Kampfer was pretty badass specialty suit Also "God they're building this mobile suit for some hotshot on White Base"

8th MS team - Ground war with mobile suits ahaha. They move slow and get destroyed easy.

Zeta Gundam - The Proper Gundam that could transform. The ending was weak though.

Double Zeta - Less depressing version of Zeta with a megazord that had a giganto beam cannon

Char's Counterattack - Ambiguous ending and an incomplete Gundam. Sazabi + char = badass tho

Unicorn - The newest series. I think they do well to make hour long episodes as this gives them time to explain the shit that is going on. Also, the first time I saw Unicorn transforming almost made me cream.

F91 - F91 was lame. Though the technology with the Variable Speed Beam Rifle was cool

Other Non-UC series
G Gundam - Folks knock it a lot, but I always took it as Gundam Olympics. GOOOOOD GUNDAM!!!

Gundam X - Little known series that didn't get carried over for English dubbing

Victory Gundam - Another series that didn't get carried over for English dubbing. Sad, but good series as well

Gundam Wing - on par with the Universal Century as the trendsetter for themes that get repeated in future Gundam series.

Gundam SEED - first one was alright, but then it got emo in the second season with Destiny

Gundam 00 - The NEW Gundam Wing. 00-Raiser!!!!! Enough said.

SD Gundam - the original were just fun chibi versions of characters and mobile suits, but the later ones are just straight up retarded.