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guild wars 2 top reasons to be interested


I wasnt really interested in guild wars 2 at first because I thought the controls were going to be sluggish, but the video proved me wrong, now im really looking forward to it...
one of the other big things is that there is NO FLYING, flying completely ruined a lot of things for world of warcraft, world pvp... the feel of the world.
the environments look absolutely beautiful and check out this boss fight..
they mention that this is a small dragon, ive seen another boss fight where its a dragon twice this dudes size, and they still say hes a MOUSE compared to other dragons in the game.... Im pretty interested.


reasons not to get guild wars 2
it ruined guild wars 1
everyone was worried about filling their shrine room so they can gain early access items, retarded


skills are different under water... im in love
I saw a vid where the engineer had torpedo's and his nets turned into big walls instead of netting one single target.


yes guild wars 2 will be free to play. this mmo isnt like wow icewolf, there are no tanks and no healers, only classes that benefit everything...