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GTX 580 4-Way SLI + i7 980X "Nightmare"


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Hide this video from [MENTION=52]Hunter[/MENTION]! If he builds one of these for playing CS:S/GO, you'll have no chance.

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Somehow I think [MENTION=52]Hunter[/MENTION] has been here done this already. I like how clean the system is. By that I mean clean lines, neatly organized, and show ready. I have, or had, one issue with SLI though...CS:S flash bug. It drove me nuts to lose the images on my screen. As if getting slashed wasn't bad enough. Kang was the only guy here back then who was kind enough to address my complaints which is how I eventually ended up replacing 2 8800's for Ballsie's GTX285, which I believe now serves as a paperweight on [MENTION=152]fAt Kaka[/MENTION] 's desk. I'm still curious to know if anybody is using Valve's Big Picture on their TV yet. Oh, and [MENTION=1]IcEWoLF[/MENTION] I haven't seen any updated vids of your rig on youtube lately. Did it blowed up sir?

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I found new pleasure in GTX 670, which replaced the 285. The 285 was retired after serving Civil for a long time and myself for a little over 2 months. Shortly after its retirement, I have put this old man to work rather than collecting social security fund/a hefty retirement pension (which does NOT help with our current situation with the fiscal cliff). It's installed in my old PC.

4 way SLI GTX 680?? anyone?


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GTX 580s? and now they're worth about half of what they were a year ago, lol. GFG.

Put those old cards to work and FOLD!~!