grego's squad

just practice doob!
but of course I will, just remember that in the tournament thats gonna be happening I want you to be serious and not such a goofy playstyle like you usually do :p


The 47 Ronin
haha yeah I love to snipe in any FPS, although I have been playing more serious and going engineer lately so I can actually get a lot of kills/points every round.
yea I seem to favor towards engineer in bf3 too, only because of tanks and shit like that, I need to start sniping so I can get my accuracy, and kd up :)


The Ronin Enforcer
The 47 Ronin
i only use engineer for the carbines. love em. could careless about the rpgs n the rest of the engineer perks. i rather be assault to medic but oh well.
I usually just derp around as engi, or recon, but Ive kind of just been trying to find which weapons I like the most with what attachements, I hope theres a way to make a seperate soldier because once I cap this one out with all the guns and figure out what I like ill probably start a new one for stats.