grego's beatboxing

Yes I beatbox... I fucked up a few times, and mind you I recorded this with xfire with a g15 headset mic... so its not top quality.. turn it up! and listen.
edit: this was all freestyle right on the spot, I had no clue what I was going to do while I was doing it lol, it happened as it came.
whos wasting their time... the only time I wasted was recording the video lol, I do it while I play games... or on the way to go do something.
You're pretty good grego! But I know you most definitely aren't beat boxing while CSSing because you're raging! Unless you're doing both at the same time, I'd like to hear that one recorded:

boom chika chika FUCK WTF GUYS boom boom chika NO FUCKING WAY chika chika ~~~ :D