Real Name: greg
Age: 18 (fer realz now)
Job: none atm, but I think im gonna try and stick myself a job with frys... I would love to work at frys.
Something about yourself: I can beatbox... fairly well, most people havent heard it yet. uhhh other than that, Im just a wet sack a potatoes.(that rages about registry)
Favorite game: cs:s,I wish people still played 1.6, wow, heroes of newerth, all the battlfields. diablo, any of them.
Favorite site to visit: memebase, 47R, mmochampion, wowinsider, fileplanet.
Hobby: Gaming, skating, partying, building computers, fishing.
Favorite Food: thats a hard one... I'de say pizza cause it goes many different ways as to flavor... but I also love me some good Mexican food, enchiladas O.O.

Im gonna rape all of you at battlefield 3, that is all.


The 47 Ronin
hahah Don't take out your piercings! just recently took out my lipring for no reason and now I wish I didn't. :*[
haha I lost 12 piercings all in my ears when I got arrested.. I had just got them done the previous week in Queens, NY.. almost over $200!! Just to have em close while sitting in the Matrix for 32 hours. Fun stuff.