Grego and WhiteWalls music

Of mice and men is an awesome bad gregozz. I've been listening to them and we came as romans whenever I drive around in my car lately.

the word alive is soo homo.. lol no offense, I saw them at warped tour and I immediately wanted to leave.
and gahhh, the singers voice makes me wanna cream my pants... not the screamer but the singer. hes a boss.
ill have to listen to that born cd
i didnt really like a higher place
but the new reign was amazing

but check these guys out, they remind me alot of born with the keyboards and such



The Ronin Enforcer
The 47 Ronin
super late but @grego i dont listen to the word alive anyway so no worries. that little breakdown thing just caught my attention ahah

well im gonna post this and hope doob doesnt get mad at me