Grego and WhiteWalls music


The 47 Ronin
No way man! I've been trying to catch a good metal band but cant seem to find shit except terrible seats for metallica. I love STP though and got uber close at their concert last summer, I'm double or tripple fisting beers to the left side of this video.
yea this thread is for metal/hardcore only.
dude I just saw this band at warped tour and they KILLED IT.
he opened one of their songs saying.
"who here has dated a whore? RAISE YOUR HANDS!"
everybody raises their hands lol.
man really though that first of mice and men song I just posted that has a green background is fucking amazing... the lyrics are just great... amazing song.
breakdown in quality.
Haha I'm a super hardcore hater. I went to this show to see my friend perform, his band was the only non-hardcore one performing that night and he was last, so I had to sit through lights (probably intended for automotive repair) flashing in time with a china cymbal (ugh, these cymbals). They also jumped a lot and excessively threw their guitars around their necks and arms, I was hoping the whole time that their strap buttons would rip out and their guitars would break.