Grego and WhiteWalls music

me and gf always jam we came as romans
one of the very few we both listen to
good band
gay video
i wanna punch their singer in the face for eye fucking the camera


so good if you havent heard them
listen to the dance part with the transitions around it, so epic
Attack Attack! WE BACK AGAIN BABY! Real shit, attack attack is probably one of my favorite bands ever. They're just so good.
I'll hit you right back with my favorite song from their first album. Dr. Shavargo Pt.3! I choose you!


The Ronin Enforcer
The 47 Ronin
LOL i totally agree with wanting to punch him in the face during that part of the video.
oh and attack attack! of course bro. if you look at my introduction in the well 'introduction' section i put fumbles o brian as my fave song haha.
not sure if you guys like sleeping with sirens... but I like music like this and alexisonfire, even though alexisonfire is less girly and more hardcore.. but nyways.