Grego and WhiteWalls music

Grego: and fuuu you wanna know how im not emo
Grego: an emo kid just would have cried and told you to STOP! when u called him an emo kid lol
Grego: then go cut himself
Grego: i was but im not

all said and done


The 47 Ronin
btm with their dumb fill-in drummer

1:18 - end is my favorite part of the song. its kind of a sloppy live one so the beginning sounds funky
Im soo sad this band broke up... every fucking band this singer is in is the fucking best shit ive ever heard... but hes a coke head and cant hold a band.

heres what conducting from the grave sounded like when he was in it like 5 years ago.
seriously listen to this whole song. the intro isnt the best but its an amazing song.

on this next one skip to 4:30 and listen to the rest.


The Ronin Enforcer
The 47 Ronin
lol you hear the new Attack Attack! stuff yet? pretty much no more of that techno synth stuff and theyre all heavier sounding. idk check it.