Grego and WhiteWalls music

this thread is ONLY for heavy metal, deathcore, hardcore, etc.
can I request this thread as a sticky please?
Ill start it off.
why do christian bands have the best music... lmfao.


The Ronin Enforcer
The 47 Ronin
sup guys! lol i totally agree with the christian rock band thing. its weird eh?
well heres what ive been listening to lately



The Ronin Enforcer
The 47 Ronin
lol you would post PTV jake! @hamburglar thats sweet man. i got that SD knife tattoo the guy has on his shirt in that video jakeypoo posted
get pierce the veil out of here hahaha, nah its cool post what u want in this genre... Im just not a fan of them.
mice of men is pretty sick though.
I'm from SD so I love PTV. Here's a SKSK vid then, the guitar solo is badass.
nice ones jakey and surrender
idk if i posted this one on the old forums, but this brings the fucking hate
(chicago band, played countless shows with these guys)