Grand Theft Auto 4 Episodes of liberty city

Game:Grand Theft Auto 4 Episodes of Liberty City.

developer: Rockstar

Type of game: Third Person/ sandbox game.

Alright, so First off, xbox 360 version of this game is pretty good, looks nice and runs nice, The game starts you off as a basic badboy/ gangster/good guy/ bouncer. I know it's a lot to take in on just the description of the guy. You'r working your way through the ranks with a gay club owner. The game play is believable in some sense. You start off as a bouncer then a club runner and eventually you take over the day to day stuff. If you just do the goals of the game you will be running around the map doing a pretty good amount of work. It's not that bad of a game, however here's the likes and dislikes of the game:


  • open end missions
  • physics is great (driving is not as great) the euphoria is awesome in the game. people never have a specific way of falling. It's basically AI in a sense it tells the engine what happened and it compensates. If the person is falling off a ladder it actually tries to grab the ladder. the same with falling, it tries to correct itself. no person will fall the same.
  • overall look of the game

Basically it looks really good, the AI though dumb as hell, is very unpredictable, sometimes it attempts to just go after you but most of the time it actually takes cover to prevent being shot and killed. If you just smash into a car it literally "pisses off the driver" and he gets out to whoop your ass. He also usually runs away screaming as soon as you pull out you're trusty shotgun. I like the way you earn guns and other stuff throughout the missions, it makes you want to play them. The driving is not good, however there is a mod that just absolutely makes the driving super realistic and I don't understand why they have not just updated the game with this mod. It's great. Also the fact that you can mod the game on the pc. You can do a zombie mod, the fun one (police mod) basically you go around doing traffic stops and police chases and you earn a rank and abilities through not breaking any laws and being a good cop. Although at times I just shot the crap out of people and it only deducts from you're good cop abilities. So not cops turn on you basically. The game is a blast just to run around pick up hookers, take them somewhere, have some fun, get them out of the car, then beat them and take back the money. Or just run over everything you see.

the dislikes

  • P.C. ported game sucks unless you have a great machine.
  • AI is dumb as rocks
  • driving is not good unless you download a mod
  • the game even when turned up to max settings still looks bumpy and it's really crappy antialaising

Hate,Hate,Hate the pc ported version. Why is simply because unless you have a great machine (I'm talking i7 16gb ram, ssd, and a whopping sli or crossfire enabled 5800 or 580 series cards) it runs worst than a one neutered dog in a humping contest. I have everything up maxed and still only get 40 maybe 60 fps average. And I have a beast of a machine. The average machine will maybe get 20-30 with everything maxed on medium. Now they say however the xbox360 settings equivalent to the P.C. is this:

Shows just how outdated the xbox 360 is too the current PC. These are the screenshots from those settings:

Image of the ground and all the bump maps and textures.

You will notice there is no bloom effects what so ever, as well as no bump mapping (bump mapping is the look you get or reflection of lighting or water on the ground also stands out as little bumps and what not) or very little to notice on the settings.

water effect and reflections. I honestly believe the water effect looks much better on low settings then on high settings. Also, there is virtually no difference between low settings for vehicle reflections and high settings. Nothing noticeable. So just keep it on low or medium for smoother gameplay.

Now the high settings (maxed out settings including maxed distance and reflections):

again, not much of a difference in the bump map and the texture. Rockstar stated that if you have a PC than putting the textures to medium settings with the vehicle density at 30 and the draw distance and detail distance both on 30 with the texture filter at 2x it should be a big improvement over the xbox360 graphics. However, even at those settings the game texture looks bad at best and the world reflections are laughable.

the bloom texture is much better on high settings and that is what makes the game look really good on the pc. However, like I stated you will need a beast of a machine to run this on high settings.

shadow effects on high settings. Also notice it has "dark shadowing" under covers and in corners. Not bad.

Notice the bump difference in the water from low settings. I prefer the low settings look as the high settings give too much bump reflections. just not great on high settings.

Overall: It's a great game for just running around and wasting time, you can find yourself hours in the game running from cops and shootings hoes. However thats pretty much it for the game. Multiplayer lacks and doesn't really contribute. Mods are awesome on the game and gives you tons of abilities from new cars to making you're character turn into darth vador (yes theres a mod for that). So overall I recommend the game if you want to just bs around, don't care much about graphics, and wants to run people over. I don't recommend the game for people looking for the best looking game with great handling and good story line. 5 out of 10
I never played this GTA, I heard it was good though. And in some of the photos that are displayed above look like it would be on PS2 hahaha!!

But to be honest, I'm the gameplay > graphics type of guy.