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GoT season 5...


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holy mother fucking bawls. this episode just blew me away... that jon snow boom and the huge INTERACTION

didnt think it'd happen so soon, lucky for the next 2 episodes, holy shit am i squirming in my pants. masterful telling story so far

no spoilers guys, season 5 building up episodes are well worth it at the moment.


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Awww poor lady getting killed at the end, she was a cool char...
Anyways I am happy to see some action finally and wow, it was amazing.

I am looking forward to see what the last two episodes holds for us.


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i literally just rewatched the episode

holy shit. we've waited 5 seasons for the full force of the white walkers, and they definetly did NOT dissapoint. i'm really interested in if they give brann a nod before the seasons over.

holy shit does this change everything


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well... in my opinion its safe to say Stannis's daughter being burned will be what is remembered this episode. that actor girl really must know what its like to be burned alive :(

seriously though we've got a shit ton of questions for this season finale... will the battle of winterfell even happen? or will it be over before it begins?

did daeynares go full isolation or what not, and who is control now that shes MIA? (if she even is MIA for a long time)

what the fuck will jon snow do after that shit show he just had? stannnis sent him an order, will he follow it?

do you stay at the wall with your garrison? do you call for reinforcements in vain because everyone else is too caught up in the game of thrones?

overall this episode definetly delivered and i loved it... too be fair i dont think any episode thus far could top 8, 'hardhome'