GOP Debates

Has anyone else been following the debates this year? If so, who is your pick to represent the Republican party?

Personally, my pick is Ron Paul. He has shown a great deal of ambition towards what it will take to fix our countries problems and I agree with every aspect he puts forth.

I'd love to hear your opinions on this matter, so please don't hesitate to share your input! =p

el jorge loco

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Well here's the current pool of candidates anyways (the top ones):

- Michelle Bachmann
- Mitt Romney
- Rick Perry
- Jon Huntsman
- Ron Paul
- Herman Cain
- Newt Gingrich
- Rick Santorum

There's also a bunch of political unknowns who are either big in their home state or their county. I'm not going to list them, otherwise every last yahoo will have to be listed. Also, I didn't list Sarah Palin because she has not made any statement of her candidacy and is the equivalent of blue balls for the Republican party right now.

If you're asking for opinion, Mitt Romney is the best of the worst choices available for the Republicans. Ron Paul is the best candidate who may actually pull something off (just don't use Obama's 2008 campaign slogan of Change). However, we all know Ron Paul will never get the nomination because the mainline Republicans and even the Tea Party conservatives who SHOULD be behind Ron Paul are getting smoke blown up in the faces. Bachmann has all the Tea Party conservatives dazzled with her crazy eyes, and the mainstream Republicans are sticking to whoever the Republican Caucus backs.

If anything, Ron Paul being the guy running against Obama, I would vote for Ron Paul hands down. Libertarians get the back-end of bad PR, but they are the brightest guys in the room when it comes to a bad economy. Cut where you need to cut, raise taxes to supplement. Stop spending money on involving ourselves in social affairs that don't honestly affect the general welfare of the citizens. Republicans need to wise up and realize the social conservatism isn't true conservatism at all.

el jorge loco

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Also, Ron Paul's little jab at Rick Perry at the last debate in LA was pretty funny.

"You've raised taxes on me. Hell, I don't want to say anything bad because you're gonna raise taxes on me again!"
Haha! I remember that! I laughed for a solid 5 minutes! I agree with everything you said. I hate the fact that Ron, being the "Godfather" of the Tea-Party is more or less being shunned out of his own creation by the other candidates associated. Though, I love the fact that he sticks by his word even without the relief of them. He's basically saying "F U! I CAN DO THIS ON MY OWN!" and he is.
I don't have a problem with Romney, though I thoroughly do not like Perry. If you watched the debate earlier tonight, a question was asked about what the candidates will do, if anything, to keep the federal government out of public schools and each candidate was to answer accordingly. The question then comes to Perry which he never fully answered but instead proceeded to attack Romney yet again about something he thought he read in one of Romney's books, which of course Romney retorts and clarifies, making Perry look like a scumbag who is just trying to bully everyone. He was booed by the crowd and for the next few questions he answered as well.
I am really hoping Perry falls out of the top 2 to have Romney and Paul leading the way.

el jorge loco

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Well here's the real problem with the Tea-Party Republican Candidate Line.

They're all running to have less government. Well, the first thing they should do is not run. After all, what other office gives a single politician a bigger head than the office of the Presidency? Not only are you the chief representative of the United States, but you are also the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

And rev, you are correct, Perry is the big bully in the room (different from GW btw). His entire campaign is this: "Romney sucks."

He may suck, but at least he's doing something rather than going up to the podium with his middle finger cocked and ready to go.

Michelle Bachmann = death of the Republican bid for 2012 Presidential Election
Jon Huntsman = Relative unknown, has some good plans, he won't make it
Newt Gingrish = I think we can safely say: Not again.
Rick Santorum = A less offensive, non-"Texan" version of Perry (They're both Ricks, which rhymes with Dick)
Hermain Cain = who is this dude? For reals, wtf? Who is this guy? Essentially, he's the candidate who stands out at these debates, not just for the obvious reasons though.

If it comes down to Romney and Ron Paul, both are good candidates for the Republican Nomination.


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Ron Paul

I love how he started chocking at the end.
This is not what America is about, not giving a two "shits" about the person next to you that may not be able to afford insurance.
A person that can't get insurance because he has to bring food to the table for his family.

I don't like Ron Paul.

I'd honestly rather go with Romney, but then again I am not a republican.
jorge I think you are spot all with what your summary of the current field.

Three points I would like to make:
1. Ron Paul is the best choice for America for many reasons, however I don't think he has a chance and a big reason for that is because his foreign policy views are just not realistic or even grounded in reality.
2. Herman Cain has some great ideas, most notably in my opinion his support of the FAIR TAX. However he just doesnt have the money to keep things going and I think the big dogs will eventually bump him out.
3. Romney and Perry are both not the best choices, however President's who have prior executive experience generally do a better job for the first couple of years of their presidency and Perry has the edge in that regard.

Overall I would love to see Paul get the nod...because even though I don't agree with some of his super libertarian views and most of his foreign policy I can see that he is smart enough and humble enough to see reason and realize he was wrong. He is the true TEA PARTY candidate. Michelle Bachman is crazy.
I was surprised last night when they started the debate on foreign policy, not a single question was asked to Dr. Paul regarding the matter, besides immigration. Which don't get me wrong, is a large issue to some, but I was wanting to hear more on our soldiers overseas and whatnot.