Google+ Social Service

Has anybody joined the beta for the social service?

I think it will eventually beat out facebook. There is an option to only post to select groups meaning: you can put people in select groups and only post to them. So you can have family in one group and friends in another an only post to friends or to family, or if one person is on both they will get the post.

Pretty sick. The interface is pretty well laid out. Only trouble I had was actually getting to the point of viewing other people profiles was a little tough. Overall clean and easy.
i dont think it would smoke face book...face book will add those features....facebook has such a big following and people dont like change...maybe a new generation would like it.

I think its a hype because only a couple people will get it.....if it does take over it would take a LONG time to i wanna say. specially since cell phones and what not are all wired for facebook.
Google+ is wired for all android phones. Their app is better arranged and cleaner.

If/When facebook implements the changes I don't think it will be done as well.

Google+ is already better and I'm set on moving over, in fact all my techie friends are moving too. I'll be done with facebook in about 2 months.