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The 47 Ronin
You have the "rugged" edition of the s5 right?

If that is the case, your s5 has a better water-resistance rating than the pixel. In fact, a lot of phones have better water resistance. Honestly, if your phone still works and it functions the way you need it to, then you shouldn't be switching for the next new thing.

Oh I plan on keeping mine for as long as possible. People always look at me like my phone is crap while they plug in 20 dongles into their iphone haha, my dad is always telling me "you need to get one of these boy" but why? For 500$ I'm getting slightly more screen quality for the loss of durability/water resistance/and a paid off phone. Doesn't make sense to do it now. I like the versitility of the s5.


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My S3 lasted until late last year when it died a horrible death on the day we closed a month out, not a good time for me. Been rocking the S7 Edge since, nice phone, too damned big but I am guessing still at the top of the food chain for Android. It will get replaced when it dies a horrible death.