Going to a concert on friday!


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Going to see the love of my life selena gomez! HEHEHEEHEE >:D
im sure those who have played with me in the cs server have seen my selena spray!
soooooooooooooo excited! bwahha :roflmao:

you didnt do a good job whiting out the code. i can still read the numbers, but i wont post it out of respect for your lack of respect of awesome music.

have fun. who are you going with?


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She is hot, I need to date her!
She is very good, her voice is nice and clear too!
Much better than grego's idol Justin Bieber.


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@cap lol yea i realized after i posted it i forgot the 2nd ticket. though i guess it doesnt matter as long as its not the number above the barcode. thats just the code for the event. and im going with my best friends girlfriend. weird but shes a close friend, likes selena, and i dont wanna bring a 'date' when ill be ignoring them the whole time and eye humping selena hahaa

@ice yeah efff justin beaver! im so jelly of him though. hahaha.

@sakin i think so man. if only i knew you sooner you coulda came along ;] haha