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Ghost Recon Online


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Title: Ghost Recon Online (NCSA-Live)

Platform: PC

There are 3 classes of characters you can play each one has its strengths and weaknesses I have been playing Recon/Sniper class and there is also Assault and Electronic Warfare Specialist. Each Class has its own group of weapons
like rifles,pistols and grenades. To get better weapons you can upgrade them using a easy xp based coin system or Pay money for Ghost Coins.
No story line just some honest 3ps

Game play a tactical 3rd person squad based shooter The game play is smooth and the weapons are fun to use and upgrade, requires alot of team work and has a clan system and a voice and chat menu. It is a Free to Play System
Here is a Game Play Video on the recon Class

Controls Uses standard keyboard and mouse wasd etc.

Graphics Graphics are good although its dependent on your video card. I have a GForce 8600 GT and I have no issues with the graphics.

Overall Rating overall rating i would give it a 9/10 due to the slow auto matching system. Also I haven't used teh clan based map settings yet.

This is my first game review any suggestions on how to make it better let me know
I used the el jorge loco review sticky as a basis
anyways check out the game and let me know


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nice bro. sounds good. matter of fact, me n my irl friends have been playing future soldier lately haha. pretty fun stuff.