Gee しょうわ時代 (爺爺爺-昭和時代) aka WTF??


The 47 Ronin
If they told me that every one of those girls would slob all over my cock I would do the dance for that song and any other one for the rest of my life.

ace ninja

The 47 Ronin
oohh if you like games here is your is the anime or game version.

also here is their series called dead fantasy which isnt bad at all
here is girls in action

i think it is up to 5 and still working on the 6. it could even be out but not sure stop watching it

well just wait till they all come out. that is what i am doing then watch it
just to let you know there is alot more. so far it's up to 5 episode. there will be up to 8 maybe, im not so sure but there will be more.

ohh i think all this is from ff7 and up to ff10. they will have all the doa char plus ninja gaiden which is from doa.