Games they should remake!!

There was nothing better than sitting in my basement during a hot summer day and playing Super Nintendo when I was in grade school. My favorite games were Donkey Kong, Mortal Kombat & TMNT. Could play that shit for hoursssss!

el jorge loco

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Sonic 1 and 2 were ported to the PSP, they are EXACTLY the same shit I remember them as.

I don't know, tank controls for modern games sounds like an unmarketable system, though I would enjoy it.

FFIIV? (VII, I'm assuming Cup, LOL) - Anyways, I think this one deserves the most consideration. They're already porting the old ones, why not this one? Considering modern technology, it's not the hardest game to work with; However, I don't see much of a market except for fanboys of the VII storyline. Square-Enix seems to be failing at their latest FF series games anyways, why not go back to the classics? 8-bit music anyone?
Starfox , TMNT & Terminator 2 for the SuperNintendo were huge ,
I could never get a copy of starfox though .. so so rare

Maybe a hipster copped it before it was cool ? who knows.

el jorge loco

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Lol, the only game I want them to do over is Xenogears. It was an epic game even with its limited graphics. Great story, good turn-based fight system, wonderful characters, giant mecha. Can't go wrong.
SMRPG: LotSS (Take a stab at that one guys)

I would say FF Tactics, but it was remade a couple years ago for PSP with voice acting and anime cinematic.

Nintendo has gone back and sort of re-invented Super Mario Bros with that DS game.


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They just released Goldeneye Reloaded. For the ps3 and 360, it is much better then that other goldeneye game that came out

I play Final Fantasy Tactics on my iphone that and duke nukem3d and doom