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"Game of Thrones" A Telltale Games series


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So, i've completed episode 1... for those of you who've played the walking dead series, it's the same concept... but much more interactive with the actual game of thrones book/tv series, same t.v actors doing the voices too!

yes it will spoil a few events if you haven't watched the series so stop reading now, or start watching game of thrones before you continue...

it does a GREAT job of making everything you do have an impact, without ruining the base storyline, and has the ending has the same impact as an ending of the t.v series usually does "F#C* how LONG TILL THE NEXT EPISODE!!!

a must buy for anyone who watches or has read the series.

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I have their left for dead series on pc and "the wolf among us" on my Nexus 6... I enjoy the games, tuey need an actual combat system and fix the wonkey pc inputs


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episode 2 is coming out on February 3rd, look for sales on this game. its freaking AWESOME


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cannot stress this enough... this is basically an interactive movie, and a very entertaining one at that.

its not a game.

having said that, i've loved episodes 1-2 so far, the plot twists are awesome, and the way they seamlessly coordinate the original story is GREAT! anyone who has watched game of thrones, this buy is a no brainer...

the biggest drawback i have, is waiting 5-8 weeks per episode when each one typically lasts 2 hours (were only 2 episodes in now)