g5 mouse

yea what I found out when looking through my mousepad case... the mousepad comes with this tape you put over the feet of your mouse to reduce friction.. and I never used them and Idk where the fuck they went lol...
but Im still under warranty for my mouse and HOPEFULLY my mousepad as well, I know for a fact logitech will be able to help me out with my mouse because they are AWESOME about that... thats actually how I got my headset, my bro bought it and the leather started ripping so they sent him a new one and I took his old one.
they also gave me a new g110 keyboard after I had spilled water in it... lmfao


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SteelSeries Mousepads are awesome, I've had 2 of them for the last 6 years!
They are good, they do not wear out so easily, and they are very comfy.
If you want a extremely smooth and fast mouse pad, just go to a hardware store and buy thick gauge sheet of steel or aluminum. It is easy to clean and can never wear out. Plus, its cheaper than anything you can buy on the internet.
I am extremely happy to announce that the steelseries and logitech support got back to me, they ensure that they could replace the feet on my mouse, and that my mousepad could be replaced. im extremely happy at the moment.