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I didn't know exactly what section to put this under... so I just put it under tech.
Ive had my g5 mouse and my Steelseries gaming mouse pad for a little over a year now, and on the mouse pad there was originally little bumps all over it, kind of like plastic grip tape that made the mouse slide smoother, but after much use, the bumps have worn off and now its just a regular flat plastic mouse pad that feels semi "sticky" (cant think of the right word) when Im trying to move in VERY SMALL movements. like targetting someones head from a distance. now my g5 mouse has also done some wearing down and my dumb ass totally lost the package it came in which had replacement pads for the bottom of your mouse...

now my question is, are there any tricks to doing stuff to the pads on your mouse or on plastic mouse pads that can make them smoother? I have tried cleaning both very well, but it doesn't seem to help.
I don't think its my mouse pad because when I run my finger over the pads on the bottom of my mouse, they feel kind of, not so smooth anymore (almost as if the plastic has been worn down and is now softer and not as hard and slidey any more.
any tricks to smoothing these things out? or where I can purchase cheap replacement pads for a g5 mouse.
I don't know for sure, but I would imagine that spraying silicone on your mousepad would slick it up really nicely. Just don't get it on any hard floors you might have. You'll slip on that spot til the end of time.
yea... but my dumb ass broke the seal on the bottom..
I think you're still good, you might be able to get a new one if its within the warranty date. My Bro didn't have to send in his old one in they just sent him a new one. While my cousin G5 was just out of the warranty date so they sent him a 50% off coupon. You might want to get with my bro (eagle a.k.a Fudge) on the details on how to receive a new. G5


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Have had the same mouse (g5) for the last 3 years and have not had a problem with the pads on the bottom could be just a shitty mouse pad you have. I have the mouse pad ( Rocketfish - Gaming Mouse Pad - Black - RF-MSEPAD ) for as long as my mouse and had no problems with it other than choosing which side of the mouse pad I want to use the speed side or control side. I would recommend changing your mouse pad to this one and getting replacement pads for your g5. :)


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I use the G3 Logitech gaming house for 3 years now very good and precise. I recommend using a microfiber mousepads those are the best mousepads i have used so far