Funny @ Bat SF Giants


The 47 Ronin
the announcers, sorry I watch alot of baseball, you dont see many first at bat's like that, I mean it was this guys first time ever. And since everyone in 47r is from CA. I thought someone might be interested in it. aka sfgiants lol.
Watched it live, it was hilarious. The fact that when it was 2-0 and kruk was saying obviously he has to walk now, and he did on 4 pitches makes it even more funny.


The 47 Ronin
on 4 Pitches!! I mean the ending was perfect, how he motioned as if he ball was coming right at him but it was way outside corner. hilarious.


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lmgdao - any further out and he'd be called out for not even standing in the box! haha look at the batter back out as the 4th pitch comes in... hahahahah omg i'm tearing up