I have met eNoN, Hannah, Tracer, Biggie Balls, Mac Dre, tuc0 ....and i forget who else cuz I prolly had too many beers.

I thought I met haze once, but when I woke up I realized it was his sister. :confused: :whistle:

me,white walls, tortilla, and dick cheney would totally pull a c-c-c-c-combo breaker on this group... well for the most part.
XD lol! For that, I'll keep you around for another year, greg.

I don't know where Enon is, but I'm sure someone can pass along the message.
He just moved. I think he's in san leandro, or san ramone, or some place like that. clearly it's some place that isn't Oakland or SF, so I can't remember. haha