Free solar chargers for active military serving in Iraq or Afghanistan

Hey active members or friends/family of active members,

If you are or know any friend or family member currently serving in Afghanistan or Iraq, Google is shipping for free a solar charger. Just message me their mailing address but I will need it before Friday this week. Its a nice way to send them something they can use in the field.

-jp aka "MBenson"
Msgd my brother on facebook for his shipping address, I will edit this later with his address. Awesome find.

Mark Hunt
COP Rath
ODA 3133
APO, AE 09313

REEDIT. Oh dang my mom gave me the wrong address, here is the correct one below. Thank you again.

COP Rath
ODA 3314
APO, AE 09313

el jorge loco

Staff member
Benson, I have a friend who is currently stationed in Germany, but awaiting orders to head to Afghanistan. Would it be cool to let him know about this?
hey Hannah,

well the deadline to send the current solar charger care package is this Friday. I'm sure they'll offer it again in the near future. so you can you still message me his address once he's in Afghanistan.