Free Game Read on!

So as many of you know I not only run a small gaming computer business but I also beta test video cards for ATI and soon Nvidia. With these I get little incentives (free stuff, cheap stuff) so when I get free stuff I pass it on too the community, and stuff I get real cheap as well. Today the first person to follow these instructions gets a free copy of Total War Shogun 2. This is the first of many free games I will be posting as I get free games to test on. So, this is how you will activate the game. It's total legit, and I get to choose to either keep the game or give it away and since shogun is really not my type of game (played it and it's fun but just not my type) I will pass it on to someone who will like the game. It's a turned base game with great reviews and it does need a demanding machine. I'm talking to run the best at least an i-5 and a 5000 or 6000 series card or equivalent. So the first person to activate the game post it up that you activated it so no one else attempts and wastes there time. Anyways, here it goes.

To activate, Launch steam, go to games menu to "activate a product on steam and enter this key: ESTE-3JZAL-NVXLE-ILCS5-IEPX5

After that enjoy. Many more games will follow since I have a stack of unused games that I have not activated. Take care guys and remember the first person to get the code post it up that it's completed. Thanks.

awww shite. i love the total war series. the last one i got was Napoleon Total war. im hoping they will work on a Civil War total war series. it'd be awesome to replay all the major civil war battles like Gettysburg or Bull's Run.