Fox has removed from its web site a recent episode of "Family Guy," which showed mass

yes the bombing is tragic, but what the fuck! i dont see people taking games off the shelf because soldiers died!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the principle of the matter. I actually dont know why the fired me up for some reason.


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Seth Macfarlane is obviously a member of a domestic terror group that broadcasts their plots 30 days before they take place, but portrays them in a way that is different from how they actually happened. I think that's the most likely thing.

What a fucking joke. Classic Family Guy--hilarious clip. It's not their fault the timing was bad, and it's certainly not their fault the bombing happened.

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I think it's really a matter of timing and out of respect for the victims and their families. It's not like it's been censored.

I remember asking my Grandmother to buy me some army men. She didn't like the thought of me playing with "war toys" so she bought me a set of cowboys vs. Indians instead. Looking back One could say that Grandma's values were pretty messed up. I know some folks would even go so far to say that she was a racist. I dare you to say it. She was nothing of the sort. Her choice reflected the times and the attitudes of a nation whose boys were coming home in boxes after being drafted for a war that was never a war. You couldn't turn on the television without seeing images from that non-war and your best bet was to change the channel and watch an old western movie instead. Later on she had second thoughts about having given me the cowboys and Indians. After that I got $5 and a subscription to Ranger Rick magazine every year for my birthday. We do our best to do what's right.