Fox Broadcast Station

I remember this show when Fox decided to broadcast a few seasons of this.
They stopped less than mid series, not sure why.
To me at the time, the show was quite goofy. I have yet to watch the actual anime or read the manga.
A kid made of rubber? Fighting pirates? I'll watch it and wait for pokemon.

Fox did the same for Escaflowne. It was going along smooth until the fight scenes where the baddies were sliced and blood was flying everywhere. Apparently it got too bloody and was canceled.
I'm not sure exactly which dub you watched, but there was one that really sucked (I think it was 4kids). One Piece is the only manga I follow because the storyline is really good. If you're interested, you can probably pick it up somewhere at mangafox, mangareader, or something similar, but the translations might be a bit weird since they don't update the older chapters.

Edit: Oh, it's also where I got my IGN from!
Yea it was a saturday morning cartoon dub on FOX.
FOX has various names that indicate cartoons or shows for children time slot.
I was saying that FOX brings over tons of Japanese shows and One Piece and Escaflowne were two that they took, but were canceled after one american broadcast season.

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Fox Broadcast Station had other non-anime shows that were just great, but did much better than it's anime counterparts:
- The Tick
- Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot
- X-Men
- Spiderman

I think it was really just the bad dubs that came out from that era. Escaflowne on its own is good. 4-Kids got a contract with FOX, which then moved to Warner Brothers (and now owned by the CW). Though 4-Kids is in trouble with TV-Japan or some other Japanese producer for putting out shows without the consent of the Japanese owner of the media, so they are actually in a whole bankruptcy proceeding. It's a messy legal battle.