Football Talk!!


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Honestly the Jets are going to be nasty this year. The problem is that the Pats are always a bit better. Ochocinco is going to blow up this year. He was a steal in my Fantasy League this year when I grabbed him. Cinco and Buress still have so much talent in them.
I agree, Ochocinco should do some big things, Tom Brady doesn't even need good WRs to have an excellent season. AND, he's married to a super model, f-ing dick! /super jelly.

Im tempted to blow all the money ive been saving on a trip to NY to see jets/pats this year. both games this year should be awesome. I'm alreadly planning on going down to Palo Alto to watch the ducks play stanford in november.

kinda a side note but this is gonna be the best fall ever. Duck are top 5, jets are a top contender, not only is there a new PUTS album coming out but I get to see them live in eugene in october, and my seemingly endless slog of work is nearing an end. oh yeah, and BF3 is coming out!!!!!
Jets all the way. As much as I love them they really lucked out last season. So many wins came in the final minutes of the game after playing bad. lol. As long as we beat the Pats then it's a good season!
Patriots<3 My mom has season tickets...14 rows from the field! So excited to see some games when I'm home for Christmas break. I've been a football fan my whole life...even played pop warner when i was in 5th grade with the boys :) heheh. Ochocinco is so happy to be with us, but it seems as though last game he was a bit lost..I think the playbook may confuse him...wasn't in position for some easy screens. Besides that, we will have an awesome season as usual..I would personally hope to play Tampa Bay in the Super Bowl only because that is Bossman's team of choice.