Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz

Who will win?

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Manny vs Floyd = fight of the century for sure.
I bet they will even charge $100 PPV.
I can see this as a 100 mil split match.
50/50, winner takes 25 mil bonus.
I loled. While I do agree that was a total cheap shot, I doubt anybody wants to be hugged in the middle of a fight. Ortiz tried to apologize one to many times and the hit is legal either way.
too much manny live. he needs to stop singing. and keep boxing and take the damn olympic style drug test so floyd got no more excuses and we all can be happy and both manny and floyd will be richer.

wouldn't mind a rematch if the real fight can't be made. the post fight interview with ortiz made me dislike him. goofy laugh and other things that bothered me. mayweather woulda would by decision anyways.