Flash Social network

Hi guys. I know how to make a social networking website in flash/php/mysql and i was wondering if i could put those skills to use. I have already built 2 such sites although i cant link u guys to them due to security issues. However I can easily build a new one given that i know what i am building it for. Gaming has already been taken by steam but I was think along the lines of a movie lovers social network. Kinda like imdb but imdb is more of a resource for knowledge and its kinda hard to really discuss stuff on there. Instead i was thinking of a social network dedicated to discussing movies.

-List of fav movies
-List of fav actors
-List of fav actresses
-List of fav directors
-List of fav quotes

Would kinda be inbetween a forum and a social network really. Topics would be about movies/actors/etc and could spawn chatter. I could also integrate imdb/other api to show info from imdb/rottentomatoes etc. You could create movie discussions with friends on there as well as with everyone.

If anyone else has any suggestions, ideas, expertise, etc. drop a comment below!