FINALLY!!!! September 19, 2011


The 47 Ronin
They had better. AMD is seriously going to be hurting if these chips dont compete. Intel has had way too long a lead here and for AMD to survive its going to need these chips to be uber succesful


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I am sure you can OC most processors close to 5ghz nowadays with proper cooling, the real question is how will they perform for gaming?
most, but not all chips can OC to 5ghz. It really depends on the chip. say i7-950s, 10 different 950's will OC differently, with different voltages. And yes its basically your cooling that determins your OC, but you can reach an unsafe voltage level even with the best cooling.


The 47 Ronin
well ive been waiting long enough to know that i WILL be purchasing the 8-core (FX-8170?), only prob is..
1. i have to figure out if i can handle 125w and 2 6870's ( Corsair TX750W )
2. i still need a AM3+ mobo (got one picked out)
3. i know NOTHING about overclocking processors, never really had the money to buy anything worthy of OC.

If i could get some advice in this, that would be great.