Favorite candy?

Airheads, sour straws, jolly ranchers, and mostly anything strawberry flavored.
a girl with the same taste in candy as me. nice.

oh i love those hello kitty candies too. when my sister used to drag me with her to the hello kitty mall back when we were kids, i didnt mind much cause i could always get some candy. 8)
I am not a huge sweet guy unless I am under the influence.

When I do eat candy it has to be Chocolate and PB, hard candy (like fuz said root-beer barrels/fruit life-savers) or Mambas (Mambas pwn starburst).
Has anyone tried Belly Flops? Jelly Belly makes em. They are their fuck up jelly beans that they can't accept into their bags of literally perfect jelly beans. They are like $1 at the 99 cent store.

On another note, the 99 cent store charges 0.9999 cents for stuff, lol. So close to $1


The 47 Ronin
Snickers is the best candy bar ever invented. For Halloween just go down to the store and buy a bunch of bags of Snickers and have them all to yourself. That's a Holiday.