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Favorite 80's songs


OK a few glaring omissions from this thread. First off, no Huey Lewis and the News? They are the 80s.


Another classic.



How can you forget the CGI back in the 80s? I want my MTV!


We got a need, a need for speed!


Lastly, you do have ZZ Top, but still cant mess with the spinning, fluffy guitars. La Grange is a personal favorite, but Legs and Sharp Dressed Man are 2 and 3. Stupid, cant find the official Legs or Sharp Dressed Man videos. I cant believe all the actual videos are missing from YouTube, I watched most of them just a few years ago. Anyways, spinning guitars.

Legs | ZZ Top | Music Video | MTV



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Sorry if I repost..... but I don't feel like going through 9 pages of songs :p


hahahaha I had to.... I really do love this song.


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wikipedia.org -- ""Eminence Front" is a song written and sung by Pete Townshend of The Who. It appears as the sixth track on the group's 1982 studio album, It's Hard. The single reached number 68 on the Billboard Hot 100.[1] It is the only song from the album that the band has opted to play live after the initial post-release tours. Lead singer Roger Daltrey, vocally critical of the album, described "Eminence Front" as the only song on it that he felt was worthy of being released..."

My favorite song from The Who...