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Favorite 80's songs


The 47 Ronin
lol dammit, I try to go through the list to make sure I don't double post and it ended up being right above my post! when d00b haz drunk d00b no good with this.


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The 47 Ronin
lol if youre drunk then you get a pass. you always get a pass if drinking is involved. on that note. ive had like 10 budweisers at the time of this post so im a good one as well ;D


3 decent songs

head shaking like a mother fucker, am I right?

technically in the 70s but regardless a catchy song

Inspired from Pineapple Express

Cup Full of LOL

Hard to Fathom!!

This song....1986 Mr. Fingers "Can You Fell It" was introduced 25 years ago!! The birth of House/Drum N' Bass music. This song if you can remember appeared in GTA San Andreas but with Lyrics. This is the Instrumental version....and in my opinion, the song was WAY before it's time!!


Mr. Fahrenheit

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A few of my favorites!


ace ninja

The 47 Ronin
wow their is so many song that i miss and getting them back because i dont know the name since i was so young to remember them and look they are all back for me to listen and take from. thanks for posting this thread because music made more sense then it is now.