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Fasttraks 3Dmark 11 tests


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most def. it gets and stays pretty consistently warm here in san diego. and where im living doesnt even have a/c so even with my cooling situation i leave a good amount of room for the rising temps. my cpu is clocked down from the 4.0 i had in the winter to about 3.6 now that its really starting to get close to summer.

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The 47 Ronin
You also have to leave some headroom for the hot days of summer soon to be here. I left mine with quite a bit of overhead as we hit temps nearing 100 most of the summer so that just makes it tougher to keep electronics running cool. I could pay for AC but way too cheap and really don't mind some heat as long as the fans are moving air around.


i keep it pretty chill in my new house... my last house was 2000+ sq ft and the electricity bills would be $300+ in the summer ("energy efficient home") but here I think the highest bill last summer was $90. which is NICE. my last house was 2 story too, which didnt help...
I keep the ceiling fan on in the office, as well as a little 8" floor fan pointed towards the case. ;)


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Overclocking to me it's an addiction.
I kept OC'ing my 2700k to 4.8ghz then realized I was killing my processor.

I want this CPU to last me at least 2+ years.