Far Cry 3 10/10

Far Cry 3 was awesome in every way. The campaign was brilliant, the missions great, the open world setting awesome. I've never been a huge fan of open world games cause I get bored with side missions and the environment and the setting, and I feel like no one actually comes through on the common promise to "Let you approach every thing your own way". Devs always promise that you can go guns blazing or sneak or do whatever but usually your still stuck doing the same thing over and over. Not in Far Cry 3, I really was able to take out outpost in many different ways, each felt unique, and rewarding. The hunting was actually kinda fun and usually I hate that stuff. In summary, get this game. Its fuckin awesome.

Game: Far Cry 3
Score: 10/10
Time to Beat: Around 21 hours, not 100% completion but I did do every tower and outpost and had game on hardest.
dude dude dude..... that opening scene where your running with the dogs chasing and the first kill..... omomg.... i almost wet myself!


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The second game was disappointing to me. however this one looks like they really made improvements, gunna pick it up this weekend!
the only things that really bugged me in FC2 was the re-poped outposts every 15 sec, malaria and weapon jams. they took out or fixed all of those issues. :D

I agree this game is solid 9.5-10/10. I also can not believe how beautiful the world is in this, I'd put their engine up there with frostbite 2 and Cryengine 3. I was hoping to max this out at 2560x1440 but apparently my 7970 isn't able to handle this game too well at that high res. Looking at This [H] article it seems that FC3 is the 'crysis' for this year as far as pushing current hardware.


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picking this up when i get my 7970 (cuz it comes with the card :p)
I really enjoy games with good/ demanding graphics so im sure this one will be a winner in my heart.


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I picked the game up on release and I love the game so much haha it's the most realistic game i've ever played I'm still on campaign like 9 hours into it and its amazing.. It's a must buy.


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So glad to hear that FC3 got back to it's roots and killed those stupid fucking weapon jams. That one thing ruined the game for me, the malaria was just irritating but the weapon jams are just stupid for a game. Downloading it right now and looking forward to the new engine and see what dual 680's will bring in eye candy.

I love being in the competitive gaming scene/group. :) I got a free full game key haha, Played a bit of it tonight. Multiplayer is pretty fun, and the intro the single player was epic. Looking forward to playing it more.