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Famous....that admin abuse though.

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I was there when it all went down and I'm only going to say what I saw.

I wasn't paying attention until he brought up the question why was I silenced. So I do not know what he said ("faggot") or what he did (teamflash and empty whole clip on fms). That being said, everything else from there on is just as what @murkcity described.

I usually play late nights, say from 10, 11 pm to 1 2 am. Only admin active around those time is mostly @murkcity and @BOT Yao. I've played with them for months and I haven't seen them ban a player once. So I stand by his ban, as I know he usually silence or kick.

And like @A Stable Carbocation said
1) You should have been warned. It's policy to warn first for everything, except for cheats or obviously racist mic spammers. That being said, you were silenced. Not kicked or banned until later. Hardly worth the rage currently on display. If you had waited for the next map to load, it would have been gone.

2) Under no circumstances is griefing an acceptable response. Seriously. Let's say all admins are just mean people- then why on earth would you try to make them angry?

3) Your behavior on the website is atrocious. You are not helping your cause by being so aggressive and annoying. CALM DOWN. This thread is inches away from being locked.
I guess verbal warning would've been nice, but silence/kick would be equivalent here.
You claim you've been an admin, why are you approaching this the wrong way then...
I'm not siding with @murkcity but even if I see this as third person point of view, you need to calm down a bit, this is going nowhere. And as @kaM said this didn't need to blow up like this...

I agree with @A Stable Carbocation this will be locked if your approach does not change.


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LAst post for me i gueess then.

final words.

1.Ive admitted my fault for the shooting the admin and i guess the apparent flash he thoguht was for him.

2. SO you saying that your admins have free reign to just be raging and angy and do what what they want? ok.... iff thats how youd like to run it.

3. MY behavior? I've only been DEFENDING my actions since I have TWO admins here (1 of which was too drunk to remember anything valid) The other guy came AT me like i was a dumb ass or i was the one that fucked up? Not only THAT but they've been contradicting themselves by saying i griefed them 4-5 times? Which is pretty impossible being i was SILENCED for my duration of the map? I get it, ya'll are all tight and stuff gotta back each other up, but the only thing you've thrown in my face is the shooting a clip into the direction of a teamate, and then flashing him. Chalk up to up what you will but i've explained the flash. and ive admitted frustration of not being WARNED. You guys come at me like i never admitted it. I came here with PROOF of my "apology" and then a demo of Famous telling me not why i was silenced but why he kicked me. Then banned.

All this seriously could have been avoided if i was warned or muted for a round. I'll take the slack for the "griefing".

A Stable Carbocation

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Uh, read your first two posts? You came in here angry! Don't give me BS about becoming upset when having to "defend yourself."

Under no circumstances is griefing, which includes shooting your teammates or flashing them, allowed. And you haven't apologized for anything, instead you've been making excuses. We have people dispute bans on occasion, and most of them handle it far better than you have.

I was considering undoing your ban, but you are still making excuses. It's just a fact, other people who dispute bans don't act this way. You were angry from the start.

Your reaction to a silence was ridiculous and this follow up even worse. You are free to continue whining about admins, but not here. Bye.


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Be glad I bought a new motorcycle and have been out riding every night as this shit would not be tolerated.

Personal thanks go out to Kam, Stable, Murk and Spicy, keep it real and keep it civil. At some point, arguing with an idiot who thinks he is entitled will get you no where, never be too worried about just clearing the air, banning the shit-head and drinking a beer.


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Don't want to read through all the BS... but unless you know me.. if you called me a faggot... I just ban you.
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