Fairy Tail


The 47 Ronin
Erza Scarlet looks bad-ass at 1:03. You know what that means! There's always a cosplay for bad-ass characters.

I got a thing for scarves. I wish I could rock a scarf like Natsu omg. He's such a badass. My favorite character is Gray though because ice make magic pwns :3
Natsu reminds me Naruto x Luffy in so many ways. Gray is awesome because he's always topless haha! My favorite is Happy! Flying cats, come on!
Ao no Exorcist is another great anime! But lets keep this thread about FT haha. I can kind of hear the resemblance in the voice acting. I didn't know that Ghonzo, thanks haha. Then again I don't really do too much reseach out of the actual anime/manga.