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Faint's Reapplication


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Name: Phillip Levesque
Age: 29
Location: Yuba City, CA
In Game nickname/nicknames: Faint or Jadin or H^br1d
Your favorite hobby: Airsofting, Shooting Real Steel
Your favorite movie: Transformers, LotR
Games you play: (Besides CS:S) WoW, Insurgancy, Lol, and soon BF3
How many hours a week are you online:25 - 30 a week
Your previous squad/team: I was an admin at the stonecutters lodge in 1.6, I believe my toons in WoW are still in Runious on Kil'jaedin
Why did you leave your last squad: The stone cutters server went offline and our scrim team was disbanded
How long have you been playing in our server: Since Early 2010
Why do you want to join The 47 Ronin: My friend and i were bouncing around different servers i found this one and i like it alot so its now my home server
Tell us about you: I am a 29 year old former Marine who is currentally running the overnight crew at my work. I work overnights and as such i am online at whack times in the early AM. I am always online threw my new iphone.


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I start work at 3am so I feel your pain about being online at lame times in the AM. [like right now]
Hey are you Triple H's son?! [Paul Michael Levesque] luls. sorry thats the only other time ive seen that last name :x3:

Anyway welcome to thee forumssss!


yo faint, welcome back to the forums.
deff would make a good recruit for 47R
Notice how he gave no +1 faint. He doesn't really like you. he's leading you on. once he gets what he wants from you, it's like you don't exist!

ok so faints cool. +1


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Faint, thanks for posting up and registering for the forums. We will be evaluating our admin numbers after the holidays to see what may be needed. Hang tight and get that post count up.



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Bf3 is gonna have to wait till i build a new tower wtf....

Such a sad day and a waste of money atm...


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Thank you for your interest in The 47 Ronin.
Be sure to stay active and post on the forums regularly.
Also be sure to be active on both ventrilo and game servers.