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Evolve Monster Race edition $74.99! GMG!


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Yeah lol, it's expensive, hate the idea of season pass...but I guess it is what it is... Better deal than paying $100


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I give this game a few months to start lowering their price to get enough player base to make this game relevant long term. It may be part of the L4D development team, but the game seems less flushed out and ready as did L4D when it hit the scene. No way in hell would I toss up $74.00 for a game, I hate the idea of $59.99. I purchased one Deluxe Edition and regretted it the moment I got home, that game lasted about a month in my play list and was so bad SE had to pull it and redo damn near everything to get a player base.


The 47 Ronin
I can't see myself ever purchasing Evolve, unless it's on sale for like 10 bucks maybe I'll give it another chance to see how the game has come along.