Elemenohpee pee

Big Elemenohpee pee

Real Name: Kris (cool way)
Age: 24
Location: Hawaii
Occupation: School and Work
Job(s): Tommy Bahama restaurant during the day, Ruth's Chris' Steak House by night, family business on the weekends. (That's it for now until school starts, which is today =P).
School: University of Hawaii @ Manoa/University of Hawaii @ Hilo Business College.
Hobbies: Surfing Brah, Train fo Scrap, Getting my edumication, Trowing around some weights, Sports, and Gaming.
Favorite Game(s): Super Smash Bros 64, Diablo 2, CSS, League of Legends
Clan: None as of now.
Favorite Food: Like hot/spicy stuff so gotta go with BC Burrito. Little food shack in Hawaii, I like the freshly deep-fried potato burrito, wrapped in a spinach tortilla, add da carnitas, add da chipotle ranch, add da hot salsa, den top em off wit da mango hot sauce... I also like me a good Acai Bowl. ;)
Favorite Drink: Jack n Coke
About Me: Super easy going guy that's stoked, but when it comes down to it I don't take shit. Just like to live life to the fullest, I mean damnn how can you not when you live in hawaii?! I am a sucker for love and my girlfriend is definatly my weak point when it comes to that. Also I just found out I am goin to be a father as of last week. :o_O:


el jorge loco

Staff member
Lol Elemenopee, your kid's screen name is SevenAteNine. ARHRHARHRAHARHAR

But for reals LMNOP, we do miss you on the server. Glad to know you are living the life though.