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Elder Scrolls online Review


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alright, lets get to it. The single player aspect of this game is fun, but there is really no consequences for the decisions you make in 'critical' moments (plus these opportunities are few and far between.) the quest rewards are the same wether you decide to save 'X' or kill 'x'.

also it differs from traditional MMOS it actually takes skill and there is a learning curve for bosses (you can't just 2-5 man a boss they restrict solo missions, and they are very challenging in the first 10 levels) so this is no vanilla MMO, you can't grind yourself mindlessly through it period.

PVP- the best i've ever played, i went through the seige weapon tutorial, it was simplistic, and did a guild run of 6-8 members and i was VERY lag free, it was incredible. only thing i can remember is guild wars 2 being very lagtastic, and the group clashes were much bigger, while this maintains an awesome population (there are no major choke points so it makes it very interesting)

you talk about tactics? this is a huge strategy game, but no RTS. make decisions on the fly, and you will see you overrun a hill, or get owned by a surprising reinforcement.

all you need is to get to level 10 for pvp, and it doesn't discourage you from leveling at all either, it gives you health, and a greater range if ur a ranged class, but it doesn't create an unfair advantage to higher levels.

there's no health bars, dps calculators, or instant gratification, it's very 'see as you go' game my example is if you /dance or /clap, it doesnt show up in chat. it only shows on your character

get this game.