Elder Scrolls gameplay vids


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wow, now I know what i will do when I dont have internet, I honestly can't play a game by myself, thats the only reason why I dont play elder scrolls right now. I need to play CO-op or some kind of human interaction or else I get really really bored.
I'm the same way but I had my ex to keep me company, she lived with me at the time. I played multiple characters and my favorite was the khajiit assassin!
This game looks great. I love the content value, like Ice said, it's going to be a long game. Definitely worth the purchase if you like questing. Plus I can't image how huge the level is going to be. Obliv was huge what's this going to be like!?

And horses hell yeah!
that was the best part of oblivion, just randomly exploring. one of my favorite characters was a thief/assassin. i used to love to sneak into rooms, houses and caves just to find out what kind of loot was laying around. lol


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I knew they were in production almost immediately following the release of Oblivion. It is sure looking to be an even bigger and better graphics powerhouse. The best part is, Bethesda actually puts more into content than they have ever put into the graphics. I can only hope it is even deeper on content than Oblivion, replay value for these games is always off the charts.

Not sure how many of you ever had the chance to play their original RPG, The Elderscrolls, it was at a time when graphics were challenging and limited and yet, that world was more than five times the size of Oblivion's. It was a very buggy game, crashing several times an evening and yet, it was deeply engrossing and put to shame everything to even attempt to call itself an RPG. I remember have to keep hand made maps as there were no in game mapping system and shit was hard to find or return to with out. Every game they have released since then has been an evolution of RPG's in both story lines and graphics.

I wonder how much of my life this game is going suck down? Can't wait.



The 47 Ronin
Looks absolutely amazing. Dual hand spells to make an ever bigger spell? That is crazy! Every Elder Scroll game that I have played has been amazing and with the amount of detail and time that was put into this game, will make this one the best as of yet. Bethesda makes some amazing games.
So this is releasing tommorow round midnight, maybe earlier for you west coast people. Any one picking this up? I know I allready preloaded it.
my buddy downloaded an hours worth of gameplay for this game and we just watched some of it... were gonna set up 3 playstations at his house and were gonna be nerdin it up all day and night xD WITH BEER, of course.