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Name: Michael
You may also know me as: Hannah [Montana] on CS
Age: 25 in August
Location: Daly City (just south of San Francisco)
College: Graduated with a BA in Political Science from San Francisco State University; Currently attending Golden Gate University School of Law
Games I play: CS:S, Brink, Fallout 3, Fallout:NV, Oblivion/Morrowind until Skyrim comes out, L4D2, NeoTokyo
Other Activities: Travel, Travel Travel Travel. I have the travel itch. Why I'm in Law School I have no idea, but if you ever wanted to do an international trip with me I am always down, no 3rd world countries PLOX. Europe, or the Orient. Canada too I guess. This year my trip got cancelled due to lack of funds from my other tripmates. I also like to take walks on the beach, cook, be an amateur photographer, etc. Ask me if you want to know more.
Favorite Food: I love all food, hence my belly.
How do you recognize me?: By my laugh, ask anyone who has heard me on the mic.

If you would like to know anything else about me, please ask. :)