EEE Pad Transformer


The 47 Ronin
I'm typing on an Acer Iconia Tab right now that's really close in specs. I was leaning toward the Asus but Staples had a $100 coupon for in-store only and Asus was online only. So far I'm loving it. If you have any specific questions, post away.


Well right now on Newegg the Xoom and EEE Pad (32 gb) are both going for 500$ but I think I want the EEE Pad because 1) its ASUS (Raging ASUS fanboi alert) and 2) I want to use this for school so the the physical keyboard dock is a big bonus for me.


The 47 Ronin
I've had the original Motorola Droid forever and thought I'd be loyal, but the issues that plagued the Xoom from the start and how slow they've been to react has turned me off from considering the Xoom. I may have missed it, but I think the SD card still doesn't work for it yet. After years of motherboards & 2 Eee Pads, I'm also an Asus fan and the dock is a one-of-a-kind at this point in the tablet game. Other can use a bluetooth or USB keyboard, but it wouldn't be nearly as slick. Between the two, I'd go with Asus as well and the $50 gift card Newegg's throwing in probably isn't helping the urge to add to cart. :)