BANNED dwarlin

dick cheney also noticed it.

Damage Taken from "[ÙĆ]...22..." - 37 in 2 hits
Damage Taken from "|2ando" - 46 in 2 hits
brian/pasaway killed [ÙĆ]...22... with deagle.
★[$]iLeNt_KiLl★ killed |2ando with ak47.
*DEAD* Chinese604 : racist
Dick Cheney killed Jarbor with deagle.
[Inglorious}AlphaMusicA MUTe : STUCK
*DEAD* 〖Ðwarlin〗 : cocksucking fucking nigger
*DEAD* blackguy : umadbro ?
i2ock killed brian/pasaway with m4a1.
*DEAD* Chinese604 : bannign u
i2ock killed Dick Cheney with m4a1.
★[$]iLeNt_KiLl★ killed im the best with ak47.
*DEAD* Chinese604 : raciest

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dont know if you wanna do anything about it for first time, maybe temp ban?

dick can back me up on this for sure, as can a few others who were in the server