Driving Ethics

1. Could be a bunch of reasons, but if they're doing it on the left-most lane, fuck em.

2. (Correct me if I'm wrong here but I think..) It's the law to slow down on the directly adjacent lane that any vehicle is pulled over on a highway and reduce your speed to 10 under the limit until you pass them, regardless of which lane. But I don't think people know that, they just get extra paranoid/curious and slow down for whatever other reason.

3. I'm from India, where everyone drives like a fucking lunatic, so I really don't know the answer to this.

Also...living in South Florida, I think I have all you guys beat in dealing with the most infuriating drivers ever: old people. I love to drive, cuz it allows me to vent and release all my anger freely in the comfort of my own car lol